Motor oil manufacturer Eurol


Innovative entrepreneurship and a sense of quality have been the driving force behind Johan Pfeiffer based oil Eurol brand in 1977. The brand name is a combination of Europe and Oil underlines the international ambitions of Johan Pfeiffer. Brand products are approved by leading car manufacturers and are now available in more than 65 countries. During the 90s, production and blending of oil was taken into our own hands to ensure an even more consistent and higher quality. Since then Eurol is the only Dutch independent manufacturer of lubricants. In motor sport, Johan's passion, Eurol's quality was soon proven. Many motorcycle and car drivers attain great achievements thanks in part to the use of Eurol products. Eurol is also developing a continuously growing international reputation through cooperation with various teams in the Dakar race. The toughest rally in the world is the ultimate proof for Eurol's quality and the perfect environment to further develop and improve our products.

Vesidon Ltd is the official representative of Eurol Lubricants for Bulgaria, we can deliver all their products from our warehouse or directly from the manufacturer in the Netherlands.

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